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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Korok Seeds and Hestu locations guide

Korok Seed puzzle categories 

Finding Koroks is generally a simple affair if you know what to look for.

Because there are so many of the little blighters, we'll break them down into categories and then mark the map with their locations, letting you know which category the Koroks fall into so you know what to keep an eye out for.

Hiding Koroks

Koroks can be hiding under rocks, in piles of leaves, or inside blocks of ice. The rocks might be hidden in a tree, or underneath a heavy slab that can be moved using Stasis. 

If we've marked a Korok location under this category, look for something suspicious, and you'll find a Korok. 


The easiest types of rings to find a Korok in, are those in the water made up water lilies and he like. All you have to do is dive into them and the Korok will reveal itself. 

The more infuriating ones, like the rocky protrusions found in water, require you to throw a rock into them. There will always be piles of them nearby, and they'll respawn after a few minutes if you use them all. If it seems like it's impossible, try thinking outside of the box and utilising your various powers. 


Often, you'll find these swirly, sparkly clouds at the top of very high things like flagpoles. Other times you'll spot them racing around on a set route. Examine them to find the Korok. 


A solitary yellow flower growing in the middle of nowhere is a sure sign of a Korok. When you approach them, they'll disappear into the ground and pop up closeby. Follow the trail to the end and you'll find the Korok. 

Alternatively, you may also find groups of flowers that you need to interact with in a specific order, for example, ascending from one flower up to five. 


Sometimes, you'll need to shoot something for the Korok to pop out. The most obvious archery spots are those marked with pinwheels.

Standing next to them will prompt balloons to appear, or acorns to start flying around. 

Some of them will be pots dangling from a bridge, secreted in the trunk of a tree, or a suspicious piece of fruit begging to be shot down.

Rock formations

If you come across a formation of rocks in a pattern, search the surrounding area for a rock to complete it. It may be a circle, cross, or other shape. 

If you're struggling to find one, it's usually in the direction of the gap.

Boulder puzzles

These puzzles involve rolling boulders around, or arranging them in a certain way.

You'll need to give them a little shove to send them on their way, whether that's between a couple of trees on the edge of a cliff, or into a yawning chasm, or use Magnesis to move them around. 

Cube formations

Occasionally, you'll stumble across two sets of metal cubes. 

You'll need to use Magnesis to rearrange them so that they mirror one another. 

Food offering

When you come across statues with plates in front of them, drop the foodstuff required into the empty tray. Most of the time this is apples, but the plates around the empty statue will indicate what's needed.


Tree stumps with a leaf pattern on indicated that there's a timed run to beat as soon as you step on it. 

You need to get through the ring before the end of countdown to reveal the Korok. Sometimes, the race will require you to be on horseback and jump over hurdles, so watch out for those. 

Tree pattern

If you spot a line of trees that includes an odd-man-out when it comes to the arrangement of fruit hanging from them, pluck or shoot down the fruit to make them all match, and a Korok is sure to appear. 

Sometimes the pattern will extend to torches that you need to light so that they're all burning. 

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