Left 4 Dead running on a PlayStation Vita? Unofficial video shows the potential brilliance of Remote Play. You HAVE to see this

While most of the world is patiently waiting for Sony to release firmware which allows you to play PS3 games on a PS Vita using Remote Play, one YouTube user has been working on their own solution. Watch as a PlayStation Vita uses PlayStation Suite to (somehow) run Left 4 Dead on a PC, while displaying and controlling the game on a Vita with almost no visible lag - and even featuring optional motion control. It's incredible. Check it out:

Look at how responsive it is, even when the gyroscope is being used to move the camera by holding down the left bumper to activate it. And the frame-rate even looks reasonably smooth. We are slightly disappointed that such a technical wizard didn't have an HD camera to hand, as the video is a little pixellated even on 480p. But we're not complaining too much - we're too busy being in awe.

If this is an indication of how PS3 Remote Play will look on Vita, we're sold. However, bear in mind that most PS3 games weren't programmed to leave some processing space for converting the video output for play on a PS Vita, so it may not be as simple as this PC link.

We always liked the idea of Remote Play on PSP, but it was always too laggy to be enjoyable, in our experience. This looks like... well, it looks exactly like Left 4 Dead. And that means brill.

Source: Joystiq

Justin Towell

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