Leap Year trailer arrives

The first teaser trailer for Amy Adams' new comedy, Leap Year, has arrived online, and you can watch it below.

Look. We like Amy Adams, okay. We respect Matthew Goode. Which makes it all the harder to comprehend quite why they'd sign up to this ultra-formulaic-looking high concept "laugh"-fest.

Adams is a control freak girl who thinks her boyfriend is going to propose, but he doesn't. Then he goes on a trip to Dublin and she learns a woman can pop the question on a leap year in Ireland.

So she goes to find him, has wacky adventures and meets the hu… Look, we don't care, okay? We just gave up the will to live.

Watch the trailer, which basically explains the film and most of the jokes and let us know if you survive without screaming "I've seen this a thousand times before!!!" at your monitor

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