Leaked photos seem to show a PS5 dev kit from every angle

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(Image credit: Sony)

New photos of what appear to be a PS5 development kit give us our best look yet at the industry-side hardware which we've been seeing bits and pieces of for years.

The new images appear to be scans of printed pages with Chinese labels for each image, including the DFI-D1000AA Sony model code that corresponds to the PS5 dev kit. There's a good chance these images originally come from a hardware manufacturer, as we know that the PS5 consumer units are manufactured in China, and the pics themselves were shared on Twitter by wellgamer16.

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Video game creators typically make their games on computers, and they can use development kits to ensure the games run correctly on consoles. While the kits' internal components are designed to be similar to consumer consoles, they often look completely different from the outside. In other words, this dev kit is the reason half the internet thought PS5 was going to come out with a big "V" on the top when images of it leaked before images of the actual console did.

These pictures offer a closer look at the PS5 dev kit from all sides, including the ports and status indicators across its front panel. The blank, dark section on the upper right of the front side is a screen which can be used to show the current status and other important info for the dev kit, according to previous leaks.

Few people outside of the games industry will likely ever see one of these dev kits, but it's still cool to see some of the hardware that's helping to make upcoming PS5 games like Horizon Forbidden West a reality.

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