Leaked Disney+ partnership could narrow down PS5 release window

(Image credit: Sony)

It looks like the PS5 will be partnering with a number of streaming services. Images from an instruction manual for the PS5 Media Remote have shown up on Brazilian tech website Tecnoblog (translated via Google), and suggest that the device will feature dedicated buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and Disney+.

Sony has already shown off the Media Remote, but had left the four buttons at the bottom of the controller blank. In the Brazilian version of the manual, however, the four logos can be seen clearly, suggesting that the partnerships are already in place.

All four partnerships are notable, but Sony’s apparent agreement with Disney+ is particularly important, as the two companies haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, as the uncertainty of Spider-Man’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe can attest to.

It might also grant us some extra information about the PlayStation 5 release date. Disney+ isn’t due to arrive in South America until November 17, and it seems unlikely that Sony would launch this particular product before one of its features was fully functional. That could mean that the PS5 won’t release until after that date, at least a week after the Xbox Series X is currently due to become available. 

Sony has previously only revealed a ‘Holiday 2020’ release window for its new console.

Tecnoblog also states that the remote will come with voice commands, with a dedicated microphone that will allow you to “speak on your multimedia remote control to operate your PS5 console and start a game or control your media.”

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