Latest PS4 Slim unboxing has new controller connection details

Sony still hasn't announced the PS4 Slim but we already have another in-depth look at the console, this time from Let's Play Video Games. Reportedly procured from a UK store manager who sold the system on eBay (which I'm guessing is against company policy), it offers us another good look at the unofficially official system and its new controller in particular.

You already know that the new controller has a little peek-through light bar window on the touchpad. On top of the other little tweaks like grey buttons and thumbsticks, the revised DualShock 4 design allows it to communicate directly with the console over a USB connection. This will theoretically have less input delay than the wireless Bluetooth connection, making it ideal for twitchy games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Street Fighter 5. Here's YouTuber shortman eighty2 showing that it even works on an original PS4.

A page from the manual also confirms that PS4 Slim will have a vertical stand if you prefer the obelisk look. The stand will be be separately from the console, of course.

So that's yet another very detailed, pre-announcement look at the PS4 Slim. But Sony is still more likely to ask Let's Play Video Games to take the article down than it is to officially confirm the PS4 Slim any time before its big PlayStation Meeting on September 7.

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Connor Sheridan

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