Latest Battlefield 6 leaked images show near-future vehicles in a warring city

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A new batch of leaked Battlefield 6 images has arrived alongside a cryptic marketing campaign from developer Dice. 

Twitter account Battlefield News posted the leaked images earlier today, and they were also uploaded on Imgur. Four images were shared: a wide shot of a glittering city, a tank pilot's view of that same city, what looks like a gameplay snippet of one player watching a helicopter plummet, and another gameplay shot that seems to show one player piloting the futuristic aircraft seen in previous leaks. These give us a brief look at the user interface, including the mini-map, equipment, and party list. 

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Battlefield News claims that these images were taken from a play test held today, June 4, but there's no proof of that. Curiously, the first screenshot is uniquely labeled "pre-alpha footage", so it may be from an upcoming trailer or internal media. 

While the exact source remains unclear, reputable Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson claims that the leaked images are legitimate. The setting and vehicles in these screenshots fit with what we've seen and heard of Battlefield 6 over the past year, so we've no reason to doubt them. Of course, whether they're from a play test or an early trailer, everything seen here is subject to change. 

As these images circulated, Dice – or rather, the official Battlefield Twitter account – sent cryptic messages to several Battlefield content creators. Different variants of the short message were sent out, with alternate chunks of text obscured in each version. 

Henderson tweeted the complete, compiled message, which reads:

"Some of you want to return home – that most human of all instincts. With a heavy heart, I must tell you the truth. You have no home to return to. The question we must ask ourselves now is: do we accept our fate? Or do we dare to fight for a better world? No one may force you into battle, but I say to all who can hear my voice: If you can fire a gun, if you can tend a wound, if you can cry havoc, those who cannot need you. We need you. War is the only way home." 

Contents aside, the message data is also interesting. The listed "interception unit" is the USS Ravenrock, which seems to be a ship named after the actual Raven Rock military base in Pennsylvania. Some fans have also latched onto the message's date of transmission, "XXXX | 01 | 04 3600 HRS", and the possibility that it's hiding the Battlefield 6 release date. That seems unlikely if only because it'd be too obvious, but in any case, hopefully we'll get a release date at the official Battlefield 6 reveal planned for June 9.

Alleged Battlefield 6 internal test footage cropped up just last week.

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