Last Exorcism sequel on the way

Despite covering fairly well-worn ground in terms of its subject matter, Daniel Stamm’s The Last Exorcism was a nastily effective little horror film. It also turned a healthy profit, raking in a worldwide haul of $62.5 million to more than cover its meagre $1.8 million budget.

It should come as no surprise then to learn that Canal Plus are keen to see sequel made, with production set to begin on the project in the coming months. According to Heat Vision , Damien Chazelle is already hard at work on penning the script.

Chazelle is a recent Harvard grad, whose only completed film credit is Guy And Madeleine On A Park Bench , a small-scale musical that served as part of his college thesis. However, since then things have been very much on the up for the talented youngster.

His 2010 Black-Listed script The Claim was picked up last year and Chazelle recently sold Grand Piano to Buried producer Adrian Guerra. Not bad going for a 25-year-old, is it?

No word as yet on the direction the sequel will take, or indeed who will occupy the director’s chair. The first film was a found-footage chiller, based around the premise of a documentary crew that follow a preacher through his final confrontation with the forces of evil.

George Wales

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