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Larry Charles set for Pierre, Pierre

Pierre Pierre


Larry Charles ( Borat ) is set to join Jim Carrey for the politically incorrect comedy Pierre Pierre .

The movie focuses on a French nihilist, who steals a painting and subsequently flees from Paris to London. After a series of misadventures, he soon starts to fall back in love with his native country.

The script, sold for $1 million in 2008, has been languishing on the shelf pretty much since.

First choice director Jason ‘ Juno ’ Reitman soon pulled out and the film suffered a series of further serious setbacks, including the folding of its original production company Fox Atomic.

By Edwin Cannistraci and Frederick Seton, the script was also ranked the eleventh ‘hottest’ screenplay in Hollywood in the 2008 Black List – a yearly poll voted for by a team of 150 high-level assistants and development executives.

Carrey will no doubt be taking a pay cut, as producers are now hoping to make the movie for a little over $20 million.

Do you think Larry Charles and Jim Carrey will make a good creative, comic fit? Let us know!

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