Lara Croft joins Rayman, The Rock, and John Cena as the next crossover addition to Brawlhalla

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The Tomb Raider Epic Crossover event has landed in Brawlhalla, bringing Lara Croft as a new playable Legend to Ubisoft's hugely popular 2D fighter, amongst much more outlined in the latest set of developer patch notes. 

The update, free to all players, introduces Croft as another addition to Brawlhalla's already sizeable roster of fighters, featuring her own Signature effects, skins, animations, and moves. Check her out in action via the trailer below: 

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(Image credit: Bungie)

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Lara also brings with her a new, limited time mode to Brawlhalla: Temple Climb. This new mode ups the ante by forcing players to keep moving as they fight against the backdrop of a continually rising arena. All in a day's work for gaming's most popular archaeologist.

Speaking of arenas, Ubisoft has also introduced a new map, Temple Ruins, alongside bonus login Gold as part of the patch, in addition to a number of quality-of-life features and hotfixes designed to make Brawlhalla even more enjoyable for vested fans and newcomers alike. 

Lara isn't the first crossover recruit to the Brawlhalla arena, which has already seen the likes of Rayman, Shovel Knight, and a number of WWE superstars enter the battle in recent years. It is, however, another product of the increasingly strengthened ties between Ubisoft and Tomb Raider franchise holder Square Enix, who have teamed up before to bring Final Fantasy-themed quests to Assassin's Creed. 

At this rate, who's to say we won't see Marvel's Avengers crash land their way into Watch Dogs Legion by the end of the year? 

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