LA Noire Achievements and Trophies: Reefer Madness DLC Guide

Interrogation: Sergio Rojas

You'll talk to Sergio after the factory tour and get the Sergio's silver dollar clue.

1. Factory sealed soup cans > Doubt

2. 20th Century Market > Lie, present Cruz's Silver Dollar

You're done here for now, so head over to the 20th Century Market.

Investigation: 20th Century Market

Once you arrive, it's straight into a foot chase, so be ready;tackle him orknock him out.

You'll get his wallet and a new clue Airto'ssilver dollar.Interview him.

Interrogation: Airto Sanchez

1. Knowledge of E.J. Lie > Present Airto's Silver Dollar

2. Parnell's soup shipments > Doubt

3. Juan and Jorge Cruz > Truth

With the info about the drop off from Airto, the game cuts directly to later that evening over at the Soup Factory. After the cutscene you'll be in the middle of a fairly run of the mill gun battle, take everyone out and youll sweep the area for clues.

Investigation: Parnell Soup Factory

1. Check out the body in the office

a. Check his right hand for Ernesto's silver dollar

b. Check the wallet in his shirt for his ID (optional)

2. Check the box your partner mentions to get a new clue Boxed Marijuana Shipment.

3. Go upstairs and check the dead man's shirt pocket for a new clue, Jorge's silver dollar.

Achievement/Trophy: Spare a Dime

Once you’ve scored the last of the evidence, a cutscene will call you over to a table and you’ll have to complete a puzzle from all the coins you’ve collected. Rearrange the coins to spell out MAS ANG KAY MET ALS, or Masangkay Metals, and you’ll get this Achievement/Trophy, a new clue Collected Silver dollars, and a new location.

Investigation: Masangkay Metals

From here you'll need to break into Masangkay Metals, head left from where you start and go into the small parking lot, look for this hole in the barbed wire:

Once you're inside it's another long assgun battle;take everyone out, make your way to the checkpoint and you're all done with Reefer Madness.

Pick up a tommy gun if you can, it makes this section a lot easier.

Achievement/Trophy: Every Herb Bearing Seed

Finish the case and this one is yours.

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