LA Noire Achievements and Trophies: Nicholson Electroplating DLC Guide

Investigation: Superior Laundry

Approach the clerk at Superor Laundry, he'll say he's busy and give you the ledger to look at.

1. Investigate ledger andpick #J2620, Oscar Hangstrom. There's no address, so this is something ofa dead end for now.

2. Use a phone or gamewell. (avoid luandromat phone as dialogue can be hard to hear over washing machines) R&I will have ID'd the airplane part that you found at the blast site and give you a new address for Hughes Aircraft. Go there.

Visit Hughes Aircraft

There will be a cutscene upon arriving and you'll gain a new P.O.I: Vernon Mapes.

Note: Mapes drives a Tucker Torpedo, one of the rare cars you'll need to complete the Auto Fanatic Achievement/Trophy. You can drive it here and save yourself a little time.

Interrogation: Vernon Mapes

1. Knowledge of Nicholson Plant Explosion

2. Knowledge of Okamoto

3. Knowledge of McLellan
Lie, then present the Prop Spinner as evidence.

Investigation: Spruce Goose Hangar

1. Examine the motors behind plane, a cutscene will trigger and you'll learn that linseed oil is used to protect the aluminum.

2. Examine the desk in the back of the room in theoffice up the stairs.

a. Examine the two photographs on the back table.

Gain new clues: Mystery Address, and Photograph

3. Examine Linseed Oil barrel near nose of plane, gain new clue: Linseed Oil

4. Examine Note in plane on second floor, gain new clue: Navigation Note.

5. Examine navigation device behind note, enter Latidtude 2415 Longitude 7600. Enter thenavigation coordinates with the left and right stick. Gain new clue: Bahamas

Once you're done here, hit up another gamewell/phone and you'll be told to report back to the Wilshire Police Station.

Visit Wilshire Police Station

1. Talk to Hopkins, theguy behind the front desk, and he'll tell you to go downstairs.

2. Go downstairs to Tech Services and talk to Ray.

3. Examine the photographs on the table that were developed from the Spy Camera.

a. On the first photo, zoom in on the man's ring and watch.

Above: Examine this photo and John Doe will be updated to Lockheed Employee.

b. On the second photo, zoom in on Mapes'tie pin.

c. On the third photo, justzoom inanywhere.

d. On the fourth photo, zoom in on the two guys in picture.

e. On thefifth photo, zoom in on thedoor number and get the address 3941. This unlocks the new destination: House in Photograph.

4. Do the dropper experiment by placing one drop of each fluid into the dish.

4. IMPORTANT Before you leave, make sure to examine the developed microfilm on the other side of the desk that the photos were on.You will gain the new clue: Aluminum polishing patent. This is easy to miss so make sure you inspect it.

Above: The developed microfilm is easy to overlook, it gives the new clue: Aluminum polishing patent

Once you're done head over to the House in Photograph.

Investigation: House in Photograph

1. It's optional, but you can examine the gas can, letting you now that the place is soaked in fuel. FORESHADOWING AHOY.

2. Examine the end tableat the foot ofthe bed and you'll find two clues:

a. Examine the plane ticket to the Bahamas.

b. Examine the passport, and press A/X to check all of thepages.

Above: Paul Ryan Sr.

Once you're done looking at the evidence Mapes will set the place on fire and you'll have to escape.

3. Shoot the gas canister beside the fridge to blow a hole in the wall, your partner will open the window in the next room, and you can escape out behind him. After the cutscene you'll be dumped into a car chase.

Achievement/Trophy: Out of the Frying Pan

4. The next scene will be a car chase where you persue Mapes, if you can complete it on your first try you'll unlock the Out of the Frying Pan Achievement/Trophy. It's important to note that it's impossible to ram Mapes off the road or blow his tires out during this chase, so don't try to, just focus on keeping up with him.

About halfway through the chase, some millitary vehicles will start ramming you. You can easily flip them with a few taps so don't worry too much about them. Complete the chase and you'll arrive back at Hughes Aircraft.

Hughes Aircraft Gunfight

Once you arrive at Hughes Aircraft after the chase,you'll be thrown into a huge gun battle with some MPs.

Achievement/Trophy: Bulletproof Windshield

1. As soon as the gunfight starts, you'll have a chance to get the hardest Achievement/Trophy in this DLC, Bulletproof Windshield.To unlock the Achievement/Trophy you'll need to shoot two seperate drivers of two seperate cars in the head before they get out of their vehicles. This Achievement/Trophy can be a real pain to get until you memorize where and when the MP's cars are coming from. Killing a few of the MPs will usually trigger one or more cars to spawn, so it's best to kill one or two guys then check your minimap to see if any red cars are approaching.

Above: This car will approach from the street behind you after you've killed a few of the MP guys. It's fairly easy to headshotthe driveras he approaches in a straight line.

Above: This car will approach from the left inside the compound after you've killed about half of the MPs.Onceyou see the red car on your mini map run towards it so you'll have enough time to line up your headshot.

If you're unable to kill two drivers before they get out oftheir cars, let the MPs kill you and you'll restart at the beginning of the gunfight. Make sure not to manually go back to the last checkpoint as it will start you off at the car chase with Mapes. Also, wear the Hawkshaw outfit if you have it as it will allow you soak up more hits, this is important as you'll need to run out of cover and take a few hits in order to line up your shots on the cars when they arrive.

Also make sure to check the dead enemies or the trunk of your vehicle for a better weapon if you have the time, as they can make getting the two headshots much easier.

2. Kill the remaining soldiers in front of the building,and then enter the Spruce Goosehangar. There will be more troops inside to kill, but as long as you take cover and slowly push forward you should be fine. Mapes is in the very back of the hangar in an elevated postion, take him out and you'll complete the case. For completing the caseyou'll also unlock the final Achievement/Trophy The Big Unfriendly. Congrats!

June 24, 2011