LA Noire Achievements and Trophies: Nicholson Electroplating DLC Guide

The latest L.A. Noire DLC case has arrived, and brings with it a new group of Achievements and Trophies for you to collect. We'vepointed out where each piece of evidence is andwhat you'll need to say in each of the interrogations, as well as where you'll be able tosnag each Achievement/Trophy.

Quick note, in order to score five stars on this mission you'll need to be careful while driving, as the game seems very willing to penalize you for hitting pedestrians orother cars. Off we go.

Investigation: Blast Site

The case will open with a massive explosion, andyou'll need to drive to the disaster site. Watch out for reckless drivers on the way there,as they canjeopardize your 5 star rating. Once you arrive at the site you'll need to subdue some looters. And by subdue I mean shoot them in the back as they're running away.

If you're quick, you can actually take them out immeadiately after the cutscene stops. They won't surrender so don't worry about losing any leads or clues. Once they're taken care of you'll check out the blast site.

1. Investigate the bodies immeadiately to your right once you arriveon the site. This is optional.

After the bodies, take a left and you'll come to a fork, go right at the fork and investigate the metal object at the end of the path.

Achievement/Trophy: The Nose Knows

2. Investigate the airplane partthenrotate it until the words line up. This unlocks the Achievement/Trophy “The Nose Knows” and gives you a new clue: Airplane Part.

3. Afterwards, take the other branch at the fork and investigate the Superior Laundry laundry tag from the scrap of clothing on the ground. You'll get a new clue: Laundry Tag.

4. Continue forward after the laundry tag and Investigate the briefcase in the exploded locker.

a. Examine the new clue:Spy Camera and you'll also get Espionage.

b. Examine the cypher wheel, you'll need to use it to decode the message in the newspaper clipping.Rotate theouter wheel to H, and inner wheel to K to calibrate the wheel.

Above: First thing's first, make sure you allign the inner and outter cypher wheels to look like this.

c. Afterwards, rotate outer ring to K, S, B, O, J, L, K, Q, X, S, B.

Above: 133 N Vermont Ave reveals a new clue: Deciphered Address.

c. Examine Tomoko Okamoto's business card. and you'll get her as a new P.O.I.

d. Examine the golden earring,which Cole will take with him.

Interrogation: Fred Nicholson

On your way out the plant owner Fred Nicholson will appear and you'll interrogate him.

1.Ask about plant explosion


a. Accquire new P.O.I: Harold McLellan

2.Ask about whereabouts of Okamoto

Lie, then present evidence: Spy Camera

3.Ask about whereabouts of McLellan


4. Visit Gamewell

Visit a gamewell or telephone after searching the blast site and you'll get the address for Superior Laundry. You now have a choice to go to here or to the deciphered address.

Investigation: Deciphered Address

1. Once you arrive, check the mailbox out front for Okamoto's address.

2. Check the totally inconspicuous Refrigerator.

3. Search the body that was in the fridge.

a. Check thevictim's ring on hisright hand, and gain a new clue: Ring.

b. Check the victim's watch on his left hand, and gain a new clue: Wristwatch.

C.Examine the victim'shead and gain a new P.O.I, John Doe.

3.Examine the Tie Pin by the fireplace.

a. Inspect the Pin, and learn that itbelongs toaretired LAPD officer. Gain new clue: Tie Pin.

4. Check blood splatter on wall (optional)

5.Examine goldenearring to the right of the basin in the back room.

Gainnew evidence: Microfilm

Achievement/Trophy: Skeletons in the Icebox

This one you get automatically after finding all the evidence in Okamoto's apartment. Easy.

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