KOTOR 3 tipped for Christmas

A rumor has arisen in theOfficial Xbox Magazine suggesting that the third title in BioWare's awesome KOTOR series could be with us as soon as Christmas or at least in 2008.

There'd been reportsthat BioWare had formed a new internal studio to create a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic massively multiplayer online game. No further details were reported and BioWare still remains tight-lipped on anything to do with any possible new KOTOR games and what platforms they might appear on, though you've got to think that Xbox 360 is a safe bet.

Above: KOTOR - kinda like this, except far less pathetic

Still, that hasn't stopped theprestigious internetfrom reporting fresh rumors regarding the third title in the RPG series. From what was said in ourforums (opens in new tab)section about the MMO, it seemed as though most of you were holding out for KOTOR 3 rather than a massively multiplayer online game.

Is your wish about to come true? Should we expect to hear something KOTOR-related at Microsoft's conference at E3 next month? Should we just stop talking about it until BioWare coughs up the goods? Probably.

June 8, 2007