Kojima's latest teaser is even more cryptic than the last two

Kojima "HOW" teaser image
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Hideo Kojima has released another teaser, this time titled "HOW" following the previously released "WHO" and "WHERE" images. 

The head of Kojima Productions took to Twitter today (October 31), and shared a very vague image with the caption: "From 'WHERE' to 'HOW'" It's hard to describe what the latest teaser is because it's just so difficult to make out what the small logo in the centre of the image is, but it's almost certainly connected to the teasers Kojima has been releasing over the past few months. 

In case you didn't know, Kojima has been dropping mysterious hints about something since around the start of September. The first teaser featured what looked like a woman's silhouette with the caption "WHO AM I?" written over it. It was later revealed - after fans had already figured it out - that the person in the image was actually Maleficent actor Elle Fanning who is understood to be working with Kojima on his next project. 

Shortly after Elle Fanning was revealed to be working with Kojima, the Death Stranding developer released another teaser image, this time with a different woman's silhouette and the caption "WHERE AM I?" Fans once again quickly got to work trying to figure out who this person in the image was as it doesn't seem to look like Fanning. Kojima is yet to reveal who it is officially but a lot of people are convinced it's actually actor Margaret Qualley. 

The idea that the teaser image could feature Qualley is actually quite plausible. If you didn't know, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor previously played Mama in Kojima's Death Stranding. They're also said to be starring in Kojima Productions' rumored upcoming game called Overdose. Although the game is yet to be officially revealed, leakers have said that the upcoming project is apparently a horror game where players will take control of Qualley's character in both the third and first-person perspective.  

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