Kojima Productions is teasing something for next week

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A new tweet from Kojima Productions suggests the studio has something to announce next week. 

Aki Saito, head of communications at Hideo Kojima's studio, posted a message to fans on February 28. "Sorry to be silent everyone," he said. "I've been really busy lately… I think I can say more soon about what we are going to…" 

Saito's message ends there, but there's more to the tweet. The attached image shows Saito writing "Next Week!" on a notepad, which is about as blunt as teasers get. 

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Some fans went further down the rabbit hole and latched onto the fact that Saito is holding a Pyramid-brand pencil. Coupled with Saito's use of "silent" in his message, this has led some to believe Kojima Productions may have Silent Hill news to share. It's a fun theory, but it's much more likely that the pencil is just a pencil and Saito used the word "silent" because, well, he'd been silent on Kojima Productions' social media for a while. 

Nevertheless, Kojima's studio is up to something, and based on an interview from January, it could be anything from a manga to a movie to a big new game. Kojima did say his studio "is planning to work on multiple game projects, one of which would be a 'big' game." However, he also said he's considering manga, anime, and movie ideas which would incorporate designs from Yoji Shinkawa, a key Metal Gear Solid artist and the art director on Death Stranding. This could also be more Death Stranding updates, who knows. Hopefully next week's surprise narrows things down. 

In more credible Silent Hill rumors, we do know that Konami is "considering ways to provide the next title." 

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