Silent Hill rumors get a boost as Konami says it's "considering ways to provide the next title"

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Update: Konami isn't ready to confirm or deny the existence of current Silent Hill projects behind the scenes, but it does still have the series in mind. In a statement given to PCGamesN, a Konami representative said that the company "cannot share anything at this point, but we are listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title".

That official comment takes us from years of Silent Hill silence to a more optimistic "maybe it will happen?" That's definitely worth something, especially in light of the rumors that not one but two Silent Hill games are currently in development. The original story below has more details about where the horror series may be headed next.

Original story: Twitter user Aesthetic Gamer claims Konami has been reaching out to developers for pitches for two different Silent Hill games, and also suggests there's a good chance one might be revealed this year. You can read his tweets on it below.   

Like any rumor, this should be taken with as much salt as you have to hand. In this instance though, the leaker has been right with a few other tidbits in the past. Last August they correctly predicted that Project Resistance would become a part of Resident Evil 3 Remake, rather than being a separate game, months before RE3's official announcement. Obviously, that doesn't mean that this shouldn't be treated with a degree of skepticism, but it's important to note that they have been right before.

The last time we got anything even remotely Silent Hill related was Hideo Kojima's and Guillermo del Toro's P.T., the demo that was meant to tease Silent Hills and star Norman Reedus that was dropped after Kojima left Konami. According to Aesthetic Gamer, one game is meant to be a "soft-reboot of the franchise" while the other is an episodic game not unlike Telltale's The Walking Dead series. They believe one or both of the games have a chance of being announced in 2020, but don't know much else about them. 

Given the success of Kojima's Death Stranding, which features del Toro's likeness and Reedus as the protagonist, it's no surprise that Konami would want to push forward on this. And in today's environment, with a wildly successful Resident Evil 2 reboot still collecting awards and a Resident Evil 3 reboot around the corner, bringing back Silent Hill would certainly make a lot of sense. The same Twitter user also claimed there's a Resident Evil 8 game on the horizon. They certainly have some good connections, right?

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