Klee banner for Genshin Impact starts October 20

(Image credit: Mihoyo)

The long-rumored Genshin Impact Klee banner has been confirmed for October 20, giving players a chance to Wish for the bombastic new pyromancer.

Developer Mihoyo announced the new banner event on Twitter. The Sparkling Steps limited-time banner starring Klee will run from October 20 until November 11, and will be joined by the Epitome Invocation weapon banner for the same period. Both banners are scheduled to end with the release of update 1.1, the first major patch on the Genshin Impact roadmap

The rules for Klee's character rate-up banner mirror the recent Venti banner: if you hit 90 Wishes, you're guaranteed a five-star character, and your first one has a 50% chance of being Klee. If you hit another 90 Wishes after that, your next five-star is guaranteed to be Klee. Similar but more generous odds apply to the four-star characters featured in the banner: you're guaranteed at least one four-star every 10 Wishes, and there's a 50% chance it will be Sucrose, Noelle, or Xingqiu, all existing characters. It's entirely possible to receive four- and five-star characters before these "pity" timers kick in, but it's good to know the minimum values when Wishing. You can see all this information for yourself in the "Details" tab of the in-game banner event page. 

If you used any Wishes on the previous limited-time character or weapon banners, your Wish count will carry over to this one. So if you put 30 rolls into Venti's banner but never received a five-star character, you'll definitely get a five-star if you put 60 rolls into the Klee banner. You can track your Wish count via the "History" tab of the in-game page.

Klee and the other characters will be available for test-runs via trial missions for the duration of the event. Even if you don't want these characters, you can still complete these trials for some easy loot. You can also meet and play as Klee in one of the bonus story missions unlocked at Adventure Rank 34. Simply put, Klee is a small pyromancer who throws bombs and shoots lasers. If that sounds interesting to you, you've got about three weeks to try your luck. Just know that it's virtually impossible to guarantee Klee (read: hit 180 Wishes) without spending real money, so luck really is the key word. 

Genshin Impact launched to the tune of $100 million in just two weeks.

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