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Genshin Impact roadmap revealed with November and December updates

(Image credit: MiHoYo)

Genshin Impact is getting a small update in November with bug fixes and quality of life improvements, and a bigger one in December that adds a new zone. That's according to a new blog post and Q&A from MiHoYo (opens in new tab) detailing the roadmap for new Genshin Impact content, which extends into 2021.

The first update, version 1.1, is expected to arrive November 11. As roughly translated by Zlunlu on Reddit (opens in new tab), that's when we'll get an encyclopedia for monsters, small animals, and plants, as well as a tool to help track down treasure chests, the ability to heal without opening the food menu, and an equipment lock to keep you from accidentally selling valuable items or using them to level up equipment. 

The notes for the November update, translated by Redditor ItsRileyxD (opens in new tab), also addressed questions from players about the lack of in-game activities, essentially explaining that unforeseen issues around launch had forced the developers to dedicate more resources to bugfixes and stability. That said, the November update does make mention of a new event called The Unreturned Star Off, the details of which aren't clear at the moment.

Version 1.2 is expected to go live December 23, and that'll add the Dragonspine Snow Mountain area to the map, which should be a nice contrast to the warmer - albeit beautiful - locales we're exploring now. We don't yet know what else the December update adds, but it sounds like a bigger deal than version 1.1 simply because there's a whole new zone and "related activities." Finally, version 1.3 should go live in February and add the Lantern Rite Festival, which sounds lovely.

We're hoping to hear more concrete details about what's coming to Genshin Impact in the months ahead, but it's nice to have some vague idea about what to expect for now.

Cheers, PC Gamer (opens in new tab).

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