Kit Harrington stars in first shot from Paul WS Anderson's Pompeii

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The first shot from Paul WS Anderson's apocalyptic actioner Pompeii has been unveiled, and it's all about Kit Harrington's abs.

The Game Of Thrones star looks moody, badass and ripped , striding through the rain in some seriously kinky battle gear.

Click on the above image for a higher res version. If you dare.

In Pompeii , Harrington plays Milo, a Celtic gladiator who falls head-over-skirt for Emily Browning's noblewoman.

Except their romance is doomed when a volcano erupts and threatens to destroy Pompeii. Meanwhile, Milo confronts the man who killed his family years ago.

Harrington worked out hard for the role, and it's definitely paid off. So much so that it's making us all contemplate joining Sam of Meal in his Man Of Steel mission

Pompeii opens in the UK on 28 February 2014.

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