Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning confirmed for September, expansion coming 2021

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 8, 2020, THQ Nordic announced today. 

The game was previously listed for an August release on the Microsoft Store, but THQ Nordic itself had never actually mentioned August, so rather than a delay, this should be treated as confirmation. Still, Re-Reckoning is now coming slightly later than many people expected. Here's some good news that may offset that: apropos of nothing, the remaster is getting a full-fat expansion in 2021. 

The expansion is called Fatesworn, and that's basically all we know about it at this stage. THQ Nordic says it'll have more to share in the weeks ahead. That said, the very existence of Fatesworn is mighty exciting. Remasters generally don't add much new content, but it sounds like Fatesworn may be used to resurrect ideas that weren't feasible in the original game, perhaps due to the financial difficulties of its developer Big Huge Games. 

For those wondering, pre-orders for Re-Reckoning are now open, both for the base version and its fancy collector's edition. All versions come with all the DLC from the original game - most notably the Legend of Dead Kel and Teeth of Naros quest lines - but the collector's edition will also get you a fancy box, an Alyn Shir figurine, a keychain, five art samples, and the soundtrack for $109.99/€109.99/£99.99. The collector's edition doesn't seem to include Fatesworn, so unless that's an error, you'll need to purchase it separately. The standard version is $39.99, and there will also be a $54.99 Fate edition that comes with Fatesworn, so Fatesworn is probably going to be $15 or so. 

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