King In Black prequel puts Peter Parker back in the Venom suit

(Image credit: Greg Land (Marvel Comics))

Marvel's Venom-centric King In Black event, which brings the dark god of the symbiotes Knull to Earth, just got an apparent prequel in the form of a five-issue limited series titled King in Black: Symbiote Spider-Man from writer Peter David and artist Greg Land.

(Image credit: Greg Land (Marvel Comics))

David and Land recently collaborated on a Symbiote Spider-Man title which flashed back to the pre-Venom days when Peter Parker still wore the black symbiote suit as Spider-Man. Now, with Knull headed to Earth for King In Black, it seems some details of Peter's past may become particularly relevant again – along with some unexpected characters who apparently play a role in the story.

"Knull, the King in Black, has set his sights on Earth – but as avid Marvelites know, his hand has been at work at the edge of the Marvel Universe for years!" reads Marvel's official synopsis for King In Black: Symbiote Spider-Man #1. "In this series, witness one of Knull's earliest attempts at birthing life from the darkness of non-creation! From superstar creators Peter David and Greg Land, comes a titanic tie-in tale to this year's epic King In Black!"

Greg Land's cover image for Symbiote Spider-Man #1 shows off Spider-Man, but also includes Kang the Conqueror, Rocket Raccoon, and longtime Avenger the Black Knight.

Black Knight's inclusion in the story is interesting for a few reasons. For one thing, Dane Whitman/Black Knight wields the Ebony Blade, a magical sword with a black blade that drains the lifeforce of those it slays. Meanwhile, Knull is the creator of the mysterious All-Black, the Necrosword, a dark blade with the power to kill gods. Additionally, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski stated at the end of 2019 that Black Knight would be a big part of the Marvel Universe this year.

As for Kang, the concept that this may be a prequel or flashback story may explain his presence – after all, he's a time-traveler. If there's some key to Knull's defeat in the past, it would make sense for Kang to get involved somehow.

King In Black: Symbiote Spider-Man #1 (of 5) is scheduled to go on sale this November. Geoff Shaw, Khary Randolph, Superlog, and Alex Saviuk are all planning on drawing variant covers, as well as a blank fifth variant.

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