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Kinect and Smartglass features confirmed for Battlefield 4

DICE has revealed how Xbox 360 and Xbox One players will be able to use Microsoft peripherals like Kinect and SmartGlass to enhance their Battlefield 4 experience. We already knew that the game--which is coming to current-gen consoles, PC, and Xbox One (and PS4)--would support Kinect and SmartGlass, but not how. Speaking to Xbox Wire, executive producer Patrick Bach offered some insight.

According to Bach, Kinect will offer players enhanced controls, like leaning out from cover and peering over barriers using Kinect's head-tracking. He also says that DICE is investigating voice commands, which could be handy for squad leaders and Battlefield commanders.

SmartGlass may prove to be even more useful, though. Players will be able to view the overhead map via their SmartGlass, making tactical decisions a little easier. However, DICE has also said that Commanders (because Commander Mode is back) will be able to manage the battlefield via tablets. They don't even need to be playing the game on console (if someone else is hogging to TV). This provides another use for SmartGlass.

The open beta for Battlefield 4 begins on 4 October for the general public, while anyone who pre-ordered the game or received a Beta key via Medal of Honor Warfighter, can play from 1 October. The game is out for current-gen and PC on 29 October (in the US) and 1 November (in the UK). Next-gen versions will be available for their respective console launches.