Killzone 3 info leaked, jetpacks and 3D on the way

Well, we knew Killzone 3 was coming (what with anofficial confirmationback in March), but the E3 floodgates have been prematurely opened now that Gamepro scans have leaked in aGameSpot forum.

Above: Hit the links for the original thread and images from user Easyle

Among the highpoints are the apparent inclusion of jetpacks and some kind of reliance on 3D technology. You'll also see more of the Helghast culture, though the nuts and bolts of the shooting (jetpacks aside) are allegedly similar to Killzone 2.

E3 2010 is a few weeks away (June 15-17) and we'll certainly be present for all of Sony's official information regarding Killzone 3. Until then, check those images and start winding up the hype machine.

May 21, 2010

Brett Elston

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