Killing time

While we're all eager to find out as many story details as possible from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, let's not kid ourselves; compelling narratives aren't what make GTA one of the most popular game franchises on the planet. They help, sure, but most of the fun in GTA comes from roaming around freely, exploring the cities and tearing ass in stolen rides.

But what about when you've already explored a city once before? With Liberty City Stories, the familiarity of exploring Liberty City was offset by the coolness of a portable GTA, but that sense of novelty might not hold up in Vice City. So to keep players from getting a "been there, done that" feeling while exploring the streets of Vice, the developers have thought up a slew of interesting new ways to kill time and injected them into the city you thought you knew.

Insane Stunt Jumps

No GTA game is complete without a bunch of opportunities to launch a one-ton hunk of wheeled metal off an awesome ramp and see if you can land it safely (or just crash it spectacularly). Vice City Stories ups the ante over the original Vice City not only by adding new places to risk your life, but by making nearly everything with an incline fair game. What's more, the city's waterways have been reworked to take advantage of the new Jet Ski, and a slew of ramps are scattered around for aquatic daredevilry.