Killing time


When you've had enough relaxation, turn your sights away from tourism and onto the many inhabitants of Vice City in Rampage mode. Located at several points around the city, the Rampages - which usually require you to kill a certain amount of one type of person within a time limit - are nothing new for GTA, true. But Rampages in Vice City Stories are helped along by one important new feature - if you get killed or captured, you can pay a bribe outside of the jail or hospital and get your entire arsenal back.

So while Vice City might be familiar territory, there's plenty of stuff in Vice City Stories that isn't, and gamers should have plenty to keep them busy long after Vic Vance's story has run its course. For now, though, you can expect to check out aquatic rescues, the Chunder Wheel and the rest of Vice City's craziness when the game hits stores on October 30.