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Jodie Comer teases Killing Eve season 3: "We see Villanelle in a very different light"

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Killing Eve season 2 finished on a huge cliffhanger, with the eponymous Eve and her attempted assassin Villanelle's complicated relationship boiling over. With season 3 arriving this coming weekend (opens in new tab), we're very close to finding out what happens next.

Speaking to our sister publication Total Film (opens in new tab) days before the season 3 premiere, Jodie Comer – who plays Villanelle – teases the upcoming season, foreshadowing a huge event in her character's past that will play a significant part in her future. 

"We see Villanelle in a very different light this season, particularly between the halfway point and towards the end," she says. "We tap into her past, and find out what shaped her and there are some very, very fun episodes. There’s kind of something that happens within the storyline that kind of changes her going forward. Yeah, there’s a lot of history that comes up, and I think it’ll be interesting for people to see." 

Comer stresses how "important" it is to "find new ways of moving" Villanelle forward, "because she’s got such a depth now we have to move forward with her, and stay true to her." 

The actress – who will next appear alongside Ryan Reynolds in the movie Free Guy – also discusses the role in the context of her career. "I don’t know if I’ll ever find a character like her again. It’s kind of one-in-a-million," she says. "Luckily, she’s allowed me to play so many different things in one – it’s like a playground for me. I think the more fun I have with it, the more I find with her. She’s so nuanced and multifaceted. I feel very lucky that I got the opportunity."

Killing Eve season 3 arrives Sunday, 12 April, in the United States, followed in the UK on Monday, 13 April. Free Guy reaches cinemas 11 December. Meanwhile, the new issue of Total Flim – which features Black Widow on the cover – is currently on sale. For more info check here (opens in new tab).

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