Killer Manhunt 2 details arise

After months of sketchy silence regarding Rockstar's next brutal kill-fest, Manhunt 2, details of the twisted plot and new gameplay mechanics have been exposed.

According to an online retailer's listings, the main character, Daniel Lamb, is a doctor that escapes an asylum with mental inmate Leo Kasper after a science experiment at a secret research facilitygoes wrong.

Both characters go on the run as they're pursued by The Pickman Project, who wants to conceal the truth about the failed experiment.

A preview in the latest issue of Edge reveals more specific gameplay details, including new "environmental executions" that allow you to use scenery objects like exposed electronics or toilets as fatal traps in which to lure your enemies.

The stealth element has also been vamped up, with the ability to smash lights to create dark areas in which to hide, helping you to lure enemies to their bloody end. This stealth gameplay is offset with faster sections, giving you more lethal weapons to blast enemies with. "There are four weapon sets this time around," Edge explains, "ranging from one-shot-kills like syringes and pens, to distance weapons like shotguns."

Details regarding Wii controls have yet to emerge, but we'll be pestering Rockstar until we know the answers. You can read the full preview in the latest Edge, May issue 175, on sale now.

April 11, 2007