Killer Instinct and Project Spark free-to-play on Xbox One

Newly revealed Xbox One titles Killer Instinct and Project Spark will reportedly be free-to-play games supported by microtransactions. Both will also be launch day, digital-only releases.

IGN reports that Killer Instinct will launch with just a single playable fighter, Jago, and that additional characters will be available to buy for yet-be-announced prices. The debut gameplay trailer featured Glacius, Sabrewulf and Jago. Rare and Double Helix are working in tandem to bring the combo-crazy fighter to the next generation.

Meanwhile, Videogamer reports that world building game Project Spark will also be free-to-play but supported by DLC. Part Minecraft, part LittleBigPlanet, Microsoft describes it as “an open-world digital canvas that enables anyone to build, play and share whatever they can imagine and create in the game”.

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