Keanu Reeves as Solid Snake?

Clive Owen
You may remember him from...
Sin City, Children of Men, The Insider

Owen's obviously got the capabilities to cultivate the rough-n-ready look, but does a man who advertises Nivea for Men really suit the face of a man who eats crocodile for breakfast?

Husky tones
While we think Clive Owen is one of the best leading men in any action film at the moment (Shoot'em up will be ace) we think his articulation is too cultured, too sharp for Snake. On second thoughts, though, he's certainly skilled enough to prove us wrong.

Psycho babble
In Owen's voice, it wouldn't be babble. It'd be the meaning of life, the universe, and really everything. He could tell us that toasters were the real leaders of America, and we'd believe him. Top marks.

Looks good in a cardboard box?
Difficult this. All the signs say Owen would be a perfect Snake, with his action experience, intelligence and convincing delivery. But would he look right? We're not sure. He's a shoo-in for a new Bond, though, surely?

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