Keanu Reeves as Solid Snake?

Sept 13 2007

Christian Bale is "tipped to play Solid Snake" in a forthcoming film version of Metal Gear Solid, according to Nuts, the UK's weekly tits-and-giggles mag. Sound like a good fit? We're convinced of his credentials, but who else could challenge Bale's bid to star as the bandana-wearing operative?

We've drawn up a handful of likely lads, and judged them on the only attributes that matter when assuming the role of Metal Gear's leading man. If you've got different ideas, though, get yourself on the forum and tell us about it...

Christian Bale
You may remember him from...
Batman Begins, Harsh Times, American Psycho

Bale's impressive record of facial topiary (his most recent film 3:10 To Yuma gives good goatee) means he'll have no trouble replicating Solid Snake's trademark stubble.

Husky tones
He might be Welsh-born, but you wouldn't guess from the sandpaper voice he sports as Batman. No doubt Bale's vocal skills would nail Snake's gravelly wordage.

Psycho babble
Anyone playing Solid needs to be able to spout wordy philosphical ponderings, while holding our attention. Bale's turn in American Psycho makes us think he'd be a natural.

Looks good in a cardboard box?
He's already proven that he's up to the challenge of making an established character his own - Batman Begins is probably the best superhero movie ever. We make Bale the odds-on favourite to be starring in an MGS movie soon.

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