Keanu Reeves as Solid Snake?

Hugh Jackman
You may remember him from...
X-Men Trilogy, Van Helsing, The Prestige

As Wolverine, Jackman masters some of cinema's weirdest facial hair while still managing to look good. As Snake, we'd bet he'd wear the stubble with convicing style.

Husky tones
Again, Wolverine proved Jackman can boast one of the most growly, grumbly voices around. He'd make Snake both embittered and threatening at the same time.

Psycho babble
Ah. Not so good here - Jackman's roles tend to be men of few words. And, while that works for some heroes, it's not Solid Snake's way.He's a chap able to talk the hind legs off a donkey.

Looks good in a cardboard box?
While Hugh Jackman would undoubtably get the look right (though he's probably a bit too burly for Snake's more athletic frame) he's not quite got the depth to carry it off. Sorry Hugh. Please don't hurt us.

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