Kane & Lynch movie can't keep a director

Just before production was set to begin on the silver screen adaptation of Kane %26amp; Lynch, Patrick Alessandrin's name was erased from the director's chair. With Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx already signed up for the leading roles, it seemed as though everything was coming together. Filming was slated to begin in October, but now production won't begin until well into 2011.

Above: Jamie Foxx and Bruce Willis could be totally kick-ass in a Kane %26amp; Lynch movie, but will it ever actually come out?

This is the second time a director has walked away from the project after it seemed he was completely on board. Simon Crane, the man originally slated to direct the film, also jumped ship earlier this year citing creative differences. But it's unknown at this point if Alessandrin's separation was voluntary or not. Either way, it was a very sudden announcement.

Above: This poster, released earlier this year, bills Simon Crane as the director. We'd suggest not printing up any more posters until the movie is actually finished

With a large budget and the star power to make it a hit, Kane %26amp; Lynch is hoping to go mainstream instead of relying on the usual video game movie niche crowd. But the Willis/Foxx name recognition hardly matches the relative obscurity of the Kane %26amp; Lynch series, which has sold a respectable amount of games but hasn't attained any real support in the gaming community.

So no one quite knows what is spooking these directors away, but you know what they say - third time's a charm, right?


Sep 27, 2010

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