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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - Arcade Mode

Once the loot is all split up, each player will display a number over their head noting how much cash they’re carrying back to the getaway van. Can any of you miscreants guess why this might be important? It’ll not only tell you who needs to be protected and who is better off left a lamb to the slaughter, it’s there as temptation for even the most gentlemanly and sportsmanlike players to screw over everyone in the match.

Above: Jerks who arrive at the getaway van first can split the take with the driver, leaving fellow teammates penniless and behind

The pot is split between players who make it to the getaway van at the end of the mission, but there are plenty of rewards for individuals that want to go murderously rogue and turn traitor on their fellow teammates. Coming up behind a (former) friend executes a small grapple minigame, so potential victims are by no means defenseless, but if you’re not on your guard, somebody behind you can lay you down, or worse, put you to more humiliating use as a bullet shield.

Above: Former Allies

It’s dangerous to go it alone, but individual rewards can swell to levels that are impossible to ignore. In any case, you’re looking at an intensely dynamic risk/reward scenario that must be carefully examined on a round-to-round basis. An just so you know, stat tracking keeps careful watch over how much of an asshole you are, letting fellow online cons know whether or not you’re a player to be trusted.

Above: One of eight warm and cuddly characters you'll play alongside

If this sounds confusing, that’s because it is! Yet it’s a clever distinction that that separates the multiplayer aspect of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days from anything else you’ve ever played before. We’re told that the Fragile Alliance missions take inspiration from real life crimes, and the unpredictable nature of fighting alongside relative strangers brought together by only the flimsiest of pacts certainly recalls some of our favorite moments found in heist capers, such as Heat, Inside Man, Reservoir Dogs.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be unveiling more multiplayer modes in the days to come, so stay tuned for more nastiness.

May 10, 2010