Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - Arcade Mode

When we sat down for a demo with Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days’ new online modes, it warmed us, hearts to trigger finger, with a compartmentalized, infinitely replayable structure of co-op togetherness similar to everything we love about Left 4 Dead. Unfortunately, that’s where the comparisons end. After all, when your game is largely focused on a motley crew of psychopaths, greedy mercenaries and complete bastards, camaraderie will only get you so far.

Above: Play with anyone... trust no one

One of the things we love about Kane & Lynch’s Fragile Alliance mode, is how it preys upon the worst in people. Fragile Alliance mode makes a refined return, and even if you didn’t play the first game’s multiplayer, the title tells you everything you need to know. Eight crooks square off against waves of police pursuers to finish the round with as much stolen cash as possible. Thing is, even the best laid plans turn to shit when the gameplay offers ample incentive for turning on your fellow players.

Online, the results will undoubtedly be frantic and unpredictable. But today, we’re pulling back the veil on Arcade mode, which is where you’ll be able to hone your Frangible Alliance skill offline. (Although, stats and recordscan be shared online.)

Above: You're all inthis together... for about 30 seconds

The round we played started out with a not-so-well guarded pile of loot just inches away from the spawn point. Each guard we killed provided a small amount of cash, yet the real prize is in the bounty they fell to protect, which players will obtain by capturing it like a spawn point. The amount you amass depends on the size of the payload, the duration you stand there, and how many players have their hand in the pot. Oh, cops are just the beginning of your worries...

Above:Police have taken issue with your rightfully stolen money