Kane lives again in new C&C3 teaser

Thursday 24 August 2006
As we predicted, with admittedly little room for uncertainty, PC strategy Command & Conquer 3's scheduled August fan-service announcement was indeed the comeback of goateed supervillain Kane. Check the movies tab above for his triumphant reappearance - which, though brief, features possibly the hammiest display of pressing a button in recorded history.

Above: You can't keep a bad man down - the Brotherhood of Nod's commander is back for some Olympic-grade gloating

Gamers who weren't brought up on C&C's so-bad-it's-bad live-action video sequences may be unmoved, but we can't help but take it as a sign that EA is serious about returning the franchise to chest-thumping glory with C&C3 when it is released next year. As further proof, click the images tab for three new screens of the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod sides facing off with C&C3's eye-wateringly sharp new visuals.

Of course, to maintain professionalism we still need to know how it plays before declaring C&C3 one of the most exciting upcoming PC titles on nostalgia alone. There's even a mysterious third side yet to be announced, and no doubt upset the historical balance between do-gooders and, er, do-badders.