Kal-El Returns brings the original Superman back to Metropolis

Superman: Kal-El Returns #1 cover
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Kal-El is coming home to Earth in November. 

A one-shot titled Superman: Kal-El Returns Special #1 brings the original hero of Metropolis back to his home city after a trip to Warworld, as announced via CBR.

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Superman has spent almost a year on Warworld, the deadly, traveling planet ruled by Mongul. More of a space battle station than an artificial planet, Warworld is populated by devastating and destructive villains who often pit themselves against each other in battle for sport. 

Now, in the wake of his adventures there, Superman is returning to Metropolis to reunite with his son Jon Kent, who has taken up the mantle of Superman in his absence. 

And in the special, from writers Mark Waid, Sina Grace, Marv Wolfman, and Alex Segura, and artists Max Raynor, Dean Haspiel, Jack Herbert, and Reilly Brown, Superman will also find himself reunited with Batman and the rest of the Justice League, as well as his arch enemy Lex Luthor.

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What's more, the special will detail the circumstances of how Superman came to be captured by Pariah in the current Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths event title, in which almost all the members of the Justice League have been taken prisoner by the villainous Pariah and his so-called Dark Army of big-time DC villains.

DC is also teasing Action Comics #1050 as a milestone issue for Superman, with both Superman: Son of Kal-El and Action Comics building to the issue in a crossover arc titled 'Kal-El Returns', which will run in Action Comics #1047-1049 and Superman: Son of Kal-El #16-18.

(Image credit: DC)

Superman: Kal-El Returns Special #1 goes on sale November 29, with covers from Dan Mora, Travis Moore, and Mario Foccillo.

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