Just Cause 3 ancient tomb locations guide

Libeccio #1

Coordinates: 45.897, 32.755

The first tomb is found on the western edge of the province, overlooking the ocean.

Libeccio #2

Coordinates: 45.976, 33.677

There’s a mountain in the western sector of the province. Head up there, and you’ll find a tomb among some trees.

Libeccio #3

Coordinates: 46.369, 36.948

In the woods in northeast Libeccio.

Maestrale #1

Coordinates: 49.070, 33.095

There are some ruins in the hills southeast of Porto Tridente. There’s also a tomb, right next to the ruins.

Maestrale #2

Coordinates: 49.473, 34.271

On a cliff overlooking the sea at the northern edge of Maestrale, near the train tracks.

Maestrale #3

Coordinates: 48.816, 34.563

You’ll find another tomb in the woods near the lake in the middle of the province.

Maestrale #4

Coordinates: 48.782, 35.442

There’s a hill between the train tracks and the lake. You’ll find another tomb up there.

Maestrale #5

Coordinates: 48.526, 36.044

This tomb is found atop the mountain in the middle of the province.

Maestrale #6

Coordinates: 47.718, 35.088

The next tomb is found by the small lake south of the large one.

Maestrale #7

Coordinates: 47.182, 36.893

Near the Maestreale/Libeccio border are some ruins. You’ll find a tomb there too.

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