Jurassic Park set for 3D re-release in 2013

We’re usually sceptical over the potential merits of a 3D re-release. The Phantom Menace was a recent case in point, with no amount of flashy visuals compensating for the fact it’s still a poor film. However, we’re willing to make an exception when the film in question is Jurassic Park .

Universal have announced that Spielberg’s original dino-thriller will be getting a 3D refit in 2013, meaning that when that goat comes flying out of the T-Rex paddock, it’ll come flying right into your face.

Producer Kathleen Kennedy spoke to Collider about the potential for a 3D makeover back in December, and from the sounds of her comments, the studio doesn’t plan on doing it on the cheap.

“I’m not a huge proponent of post-conversion,” said Kennedy, “but I think if the filmmaker gets intricately involved in the post-conversion then I think it can be really, really good. I think Jurassic Park is a perfect example of a movie that could work really, really well as a 3D picture.”

“I also think it’s tricky because unless you framed the movie with [ 3D ] in mind, it’s not necessarily going to translate, and so that’s why you’ve got to have the DP and have the director frame-by-frame involved in the process of that conversion.”

Let’s hope that Spielberg feels the same way and gets fully involved in the 3D process. Jurassic Park 3D will open in the States on 19 July 2013, with a UK date to be confirmed.

George Wales

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