Julia Roberts takes Root

The last time Julia Roberts agreed to make a film with Working Title, it turned into the smash hit Notting Hill. So you can’t blame the company for wanting to work with her again.

This time, however, there’ll be a lot less of Hugh Grant’s toothy grin, floppy hair and annoying stutter. Because Roberts’ new project I a biopic about wildlife conservationist Joan Root, who was tragically murdered in Kenya earlier this year.

Inspired by a Vanity Fair article called A Flowering Evil, the film will track Root’s earlier globetrotting life as she made documentaries with her husband. But when they divorced, she returned to Kenya and launched a campaign to save Lake Naivasha from the local, pollution-happy flower farm industry until her untimely death.

If you were thinking that Richard Curtis wouldn’t be writing this one, good call: Finding Neverland’s David Magee is penning the script, and Working Title is looking for a suitable director and a title for the movie.