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Jude Law does the Repossession Mambo

If we’re to believe movies, the future is either a bright, shiny utopia, or a scary, grimy dystopia. And it looks like Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker are about to find themselves in a little of both.

Because the actors have just signed on to Universal’s new glimpse into a dark future, Repossession Mambo. It’ll find a repo man whose body is filled almost entirely with artificial organs falling behind on payments for his latest arrival, a new heart. Trouble is, that lands him in hot water with his former partner, who gives chase. We’re not sure who’s on the run and who’s doing the chasing yet, but wouldn’t you like to see Jude Law hunted down and sliced open by Forrest Whitaker?

The man planning the action is Miguel Sapochnik who is graduating from storyboard artist on the likes of A Life Less Ordinary to the director’s chair for the movie. Eric Garcia and Garrett Lerner wrote the script, which will start shooting in September.