Jsuax Screen Protector for Steam Deck review: “a hardy handheld barrier”

Jsaux screen protector kit next to Steam Deck
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For less than two cups of coffee, a Jsaux Screen Protector will reliably shield your Steam Deck from any unfortunate display mishaps. While not everyone will vibe with covering Valve’s original display, it’s worth investing in an extra tempered glass layer if you’re planning on hanging onto the handheld for the long haul.


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    Getting it back off can be tricky

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I once witnessed a soy sauce bottle drop out of a kitchen cupboard and completely decimate my partner’s phone. Yet, despite being fully aware that horrible, unprecedented things can happen to portable devices, it look me until recently to consider using the Jsaux Steam Deck Screen Protector I’ve had lying around on the handheld. Yes, in hindsight that was foolish, but now that I’ve slapped the tempered glass cover on my portable pal, I can safely say I wish I did it months ago.

It’s needless to say that if you invest in the best gaming handheld, you should at least give a bit of thought to protecting its more fragile parts. Whether that means picking up Steam Deck accessories like a case, or wrapping your device in some sort of skin, could be perhaps considered going the extra mile. However, while my toxic trait seems to be not using a screen protector, I’d say picking one up is actually mandatory. 

At $9.99 / $8.99, a Jsaux Steam Deck Screen Protector isn’t going to remotely upset your bank account. That said, there are other reasons why you might instinctively think to avoid using one, like fears of it impeding brightness or even interfering with the anti-glare coating on Valve’s top end model. From my experience, this specific kit isn’t guilty of either sin, and I can’t think of any real caveats tied to using one on your Deck.


Made of tempered glass, Jsaux’s screen protectors are both pretty thin and feel surprisingly durable. Don’t get me wrong, they’re designed to withstand impact based damage using 9H hardness rather than any bendable force, but holding it doesn’t make me feel like it’s going to snap if I flinch the wrong way. The Steam Deck accessory maker also claims each protector boasts 99.99% light transmittance, and while I’ll get to how that applies to the handheld’s visuals, it doesn’t appear to feature any weird tint or haziness before applying.


Jsaux screen protector kit opened next to Steam Deck

(Image credit: Future / Phil Hayton)

In the box, you’ll get two screen protectors, alongside everything you need to successfully apply one to your Deck. That includes an alcohol wipe, a small microfibre cloth, a cardboard squeegee for getting air bubbles out, and even a guiding frame. It’s worth noting that the kit I have is slightly older and doesn’t come with that latter tool, so I had to apply mines using my weary eyeballs. Still, I’m glad anyone else who buys the kit now will get one, as it’ll make the process even simpler than I experienced.  


Jsaux screen protector for Steam Deck applied to handheld with guiding stickers, microfibre cloth, and applicator

(Image credit: Future / Phil Hayton)

Even without the handy guide frame, applying a Jsaux screen protector to the Steam Deck OLED was a breeze. I feel like the fact the display is recessed by around the same thickness as the tempered glass sheets made all the difference, so kudos to the accessory makers for getting the dimensions just right in that regard. It effectively meant that, after the tedious task of keeping dust and debris away from the Deck, I was able to drop it onto the panel and smooth out the bubbles using the squeegee, which was also much easier to achieve than I anticipated. 


As for performance, well, I decided to take one of my spare Jsuax screen protectors and give it hell. By that, I mean I reached for a variety of sharp or hard objects, including keys, an old kitchen knife, a sewing pin, and a screwdriver, and proceeded to see if I could casually cause any scratches. Even when applying pressure, I wasn’t able to leave any damage on its surface, attesting to the fact it boast 9H on the hardness scale. Admittedly, I don’t have a pick set to properly validate whether it’d survive a beating from tough materials like Topaz or Corundum. Still, I don’t plan on getting into a fight with Minecraft Steve any time soon, so protection from ordinary household metals will more than do.

Jsaux screen protector for Steam Deck on cutting board next to kitchen knife and screw driver

(Image credit: Future / Phil Hayton)

Once I was satisfied with things on the protection front, I visually examined the Steam Deck to see if its brightness or clarity was an issue. For the most part, I couldn’t really tell the difference, saving some ever so slightly higher reflections when near a window in broad daylight. I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker when it comes to the anti-glare properties of the most expensive models, but it’s the only difference I really noticed.

Should you buy a Jsaux Screen Protector for the Steam Deck kit? 

Like it or not, accidents happen, and I’d say picking up a set of Jsaux screen protectors is more than worthwhile. Not only are they easy to fit, but you’ll barely noticed it's there once applied. If you go hunting, you’ll likely find cheaper sets on Amazon that boast the same properties, and they might also do the trick. Nevertheless, this set passes my personal tests, meaning I can confidently recommend them. 

How I tested Jsaux Screen Protector for Steam Deck 

To test ease of application, I used a Jsaux Screen Protector on my personal Steam Deck, making sure to take note of anything that may hamper the process. Once fitted, I compared visual results to a bare display to ensure brightness and clarity weren’t affected. I then used a spare tempered glass protector to test scratch resistance as well as general durability.

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