Josh Brolin hints at three more appearances as Thanos

After a fleeting appearance in Guardians Of The Galaxy , fans are already asking the question as to when we are going to see Josh Brolin’s Thanos on the big screen again.

And while nobody from Marvel has confirmed an official answer, it seems that Brolin himself is well aware of when he will next be appearing as the cosmic Big Bad.

“I know what one appearance is going to be for sure," Brolin revealed in a recent interview with IGN . “There's one or two that I don't know.”

Two of those appearances will likely come in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 and The Avengers 3 , although there could well be a surprise appearance somewhere before then…

Meanwhile, Brolin also went on to describe how he is getting a feel for the character, with his brief Comic-Con experience helping him feel more of a part of the Marvel fold.

“Once I got on-stage,” begins Brolin, “it sort of became its own improv. I knew at that point, because I saw the rivalry between Robert [ Downey Jr. ] and I, and I thought, ‘I get this. I suddenly really get it.’”

“So I feel like I'm more inside it than I was. It was more a display to me before that. It was more cosmetic. Now I think I'm starting to get who the guy is a little bit.”

Guardians Of The Galaxy
is in cinemas now.

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