Join the Holy Grail coconut record attempt!

You mother may be a hamster and your father may whiff of elderberries (apologies if this serious condition actually afflicts your parents), but that shouldn’t stop all self-respecting Python fans from heading to Trafalgar Square this St George’s day (that’s 23 April for the ill-educated hoodies out there) as there’s going to be an attempt to break the world record for the largest coconut orchestra ever assembled.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone, a man who never found a bandwagon he didn’t want to jump on, is partnering with the BFI, Python (Monty) Pictures Ltd and the Spamalot musical team for a big event in the tourist favourite which will include not only an open air screening of Monty Python And The Holy Grail, but also the cast of the Python theatre show leading a public “clip clop” clap in time to Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

While the purists among you might furrow your brows over what is essentially The Life Of Brian’s most famous tune being purloined for the record attempt, don’t forget that Eric Idle shoehorned it into Spamalot because… er… he rightly figured the song is among the group’s most famous work.

"English comedy is internationally acclaimed, and the Monty Python film screening and the coconut orchestra world record attempt illustrate the uniqueness of English humour,” gushed His Ken-ness in a statement to announce the event, which hopes the current record of 1,785 people in New York will be smashed by at least 2,000 attendees. After all, we can’t let the blasted Yanks hold this sort of record, can we?

It’s scheduled to kick off at 5pm and you can find more info here .

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