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Johnny Knoxville starring in Drop-Out

How’s this for a comedy team? Johnny Knoxville and Cher are starring in Drop-Out, which Ricky Blitt will direct.

In what seems to be the genre of comedy that will not die, Knoxville will play a slacker and career college student who gets kicked out of his parents’ house.

To maintain his lifestyle, he decides he’ll try his luck with the 62-year-old woman (Cher) next door.

The Ringer

Oh, but to do that, he also has to become a father figure to her son – who is his own age.

It’s not the first time that Blitt and Knoxville have worked together – the writer-director previously penned The Ringer for the Jackass star.

[Source: THR ]

So what do you think? Happy couple or gruesome twosome? Shove your opinions into our comments section below.