John Woo confirms he's still planning to remake The Killer

John Woo has long had his eye on a US remake of his classic crime thriller, The Killer, a plan that is apparently still on the agenda of the Hong Kong filmmaker. Indeed, Woo says that The Killer will become his next project, just as soon as he’s done with current project, Manhunt.

"I have never left," replied Woo, when asked by ScreenDaily about a potential return to Hollywood. "I still enjoy working with Hollywood. I still have a couple of projects developing in Hollywood. So after Manhunt, I probably will go back to Hollywood to make another action thriller. I’m going to make The Killer in an American version."

The last we’d heard about this was back in 2012, when John Travolta said he was “entertaining the possibility” of re-teaming with his Face/Off director to head up the remake. There’s no update on that score, or indeed any clarification on whether Woo will be producing (as had originally been planned) or stepping behind the camera. However, it sounds as though the wheels are definitely beginning to turn at long last.

George Wales

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