John Wick writer to pen a new live-action series adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons

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John Wick writer Derek Kolstad is reportedly developing a new series pitch based on Dungeons & Dragons. 

Kolstad – who is also writing for Marvel's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" on Disney Plus – is, according to Variety, "expected to craft a story that will capture crucial aspects of the franchise through a live-action lens".

As yet there are no further details on "where Kolstad plans to take the storyline or how he intends to expand the franchise", but Variety reckons the new project hopes to tap into new D&D fans who've found a fondness for the age-old fantasy tabletop RPG since being in lockdown.

ICYMI, another big game getting the TV treatment is The Last of Us, which just got a new director for its pilot episode. Director of HBO's acclaimed Chernobyl series Johan Renck was originally set to direct the pilot, but has had to step away due to a scheduling conflict. In Renck's place is Russian filmmaker Kantemir Balagov, best known as the director behind Closeness (2017) and Beanpole (2019), the latter of which premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and won Balagov the award for Best Director.

Neil Druckmann, creative director of The Last of Us and The Last of Us 2, chimed in on the news and shared his support for Balagov. "Kantemir is a brilliant director who shares our love for Joel and Ellie's journey. Stoked that he's joining the TloU family," Druckmann wrote.

Sadly, it'll be a little while until we get another big-screen take on Wick, as John Wick 4, which is being filmed back-to-back with John Wick 5, isn't due to release until spring 2022.

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