John Wick 5 to be filmed back-to-back with 4

(Image credit: Lionsgate)

Lionsgate has confirmed that John Wick 5 is in the works and will be shot back-to-back with John Wick 4, scheduled for release May 27, 2022.

As Deadline reports, the sequel was confirmed during an earnings' call, with the studio's CEO John Feltheimer saying: "We're also busy preparing scripts for the next two installments of our John Wick action franchise, with John Wick 4 slated to hit theatres Memorial Day weekend 2022.  We hope to shoot both John Wick 4 and 5 back-to-back when Keanu becomes available early next year."

John Wick 4 was announced only days after the premiere of John Wick 3 and was originally slated for a Memorial Day 2021 release date. Of course, the indiscriminating coronavirus wreaked havoc on movie release dates and the fourth entry was pushed back a year.

As we're still many moons away from seeing John Wick 4, there's no telling what to expect from its sequel. The good news is that we know John Wick 5 will start shooting next year alongside John Wick 4, so hopefully we won't be waiting too long between movies.

The last we saw Keanu Reeves' titular hero, he was recovering from being shot by Winston (Ian McShane) and plummeting from a several-stories-high building rooftop. Now in the care of the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne), John Wick is fired up and preparing to exact revenge on The High Table.

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