John Travolta's the villain in Pelham 123

Looks like Denzel Washington just got himself some heavyweight (okay, enough of those sort of Travolta jokes) opposition in The Taking Of Pelham 123.

John Travolta is in final negotiations (he usually needs a double parking space for his jet) to join the remake that Tony Scott is cooking up at Sony.

He’ll play the leader of a team that hijacks a New York subway train and threatens the lives of the passengers. But the head detective of security for the system (Washington) figures out that all is not quite what it seems, even as he tries to take Travolta down.

David Koepp’s penned the script, and if they come up with a cooler score than the original 1974 film’s jazzy excellence, we’ll be mightily impressed. Oh, and the last time Travolta played a bad guy, it was in the most recent version of The Punisher. Yeah, we’re worried too…