John Singleton confirms his A-Team job

That sound you hear is Mr T polishing up his gold chains in the hope that he can score at least a cameo in the new A-Team film.

Because, with John Singleton confirming that he’s nabbed the job of directing the classic TV show update, the movie is now creeping ever closer to reality.

Singleton talked to Blackvoices yesterday, adding some truth to the rumours that have been swirling for days now. So now, after years knocking around the development halls, The A-Team (the story of an unofficial US army team framed for a crime and condemned to military prison before escaping and wandering America as mercenaries helping out those who can find them) might actually find the screen at last.

Of course, we won’t believe it’s happening until Singleton calls action for the first time, but it’s a step.

Source: ( Blackvoices )